NOW Festival Barcelona

Sábado 20 de Julio de 2024

Inicio: 10:00

Casa Aurora - Carrer de Aurora, 20

NOW Festival Barcelona

N0W is the point “0”
N0W is the bridge between the spirit and the body 
N0W is authentic you, without social labels 
N0W is when silence is revolutionary
N0W is the total sync between you and me 
N0W is two days when the time will stop

How will N0W arrive on Earth amidst a future-past-oriented mentality we so got used to? 

In a spaceship "ZERO," we bring a blend of all-embracing workshops, during which you: 

  1. go beyond usual body movement patterns 
  2. live through and release stuck emotions
  3. reveal your inner creative powers and perform art
  4. reboot Earthy senses and evoke Cosmic intuitive sensations 
  5. recall how to sing naturally and feel the core through that
  6. discover your body as the embodiment of the spirit 
  7. connect to other beings in a safe and free space 
  8. stay present

N0W is achieving nothing. N0W is just happening. Instead of going somewhere, we return to our awareness and see what we already are. 

Provisional SCHEDULE:

20 July, Saturday 

09.30 Doors Open

10.00 - 11.40 Morning Recharge Yoga w Natalia Duran 

12.00 - 13.40 Intuitive Cooking & Eating Workshop w Kateryna Novatska

14.00 - 15.40 Performance Movement Class w Polina Skarga 

16.00 Break 

17.00 - 18.40 “Intro to Teatro Corporal” w Marina Anitua 

19.00 - 20.40 Body Therapy and Somatic Experiencing w Adriano Meschi

21.00 - 22.40 “AstroBody”: an Embodied Journey Through Zodiac w Sophie Leisacherre 

00.00 Zero State Silence - Pure Presence (not a workshop)  

01.00 Doors Close 

21 July, Sunday 

09.00 Doors Open

10.00 TBA

12.00 - 13.40 Crafts & Senses Workshop w Ludwig Camarillo 

14.00 - 15.40 “Heroe de Papel” Transformative Workshop w Sofiya Vetryakova 

16.00 Break 

17.00 - 18.00 Intro to Yoni Obsidian Egg w Sophie Leisacherre 

18.00 - 19.40 Sound Release & Authentic Song w Roksolana Salo 

19.40 - 21.40 Collective Performance Experiment 

22.00 TBA 

00.00 Zero State Silence - Pure Presence (not a workshop) 

01.00 Doors Close

Each workshop lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and requires no equipment if not stated otherwise. No special experience is needed, not even a "proper" mood, just your presence :)

We also invite you to visit our “Corners of Presence”, individual activities you can engage in during the day. Among them are flash tattoos, therapeutic tarot, oriental tea corner, Sadhu nail board, immersive darkroom with video installation, and more.

Corners of Presence: (available 12-20) 

Tarot card reading with Sophie Leisacherre 

Flash tattoo with YOI.Tatts 

Sadhu nail board guidance with Daryna Bovsunovska 

Chinese tea corner with Daryna Bovsunovska 

More TBA 

Performative Video Installation: (available 12-20) 

Body.and.body collective 

Anastasiya Golosay 

Anna Shevchenko 

More artists TBA

FOOD and DRINKS will be available at the venue. 

Our menu will include non-alcoholic refreshments and healthy options for vegans and non-vegans. 

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